Arnhem Graffiti

Bij brug
Bij brug
Bij brug
Bij brug


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How do I get there?

Walk south from the trainstation to the river Rhine, a little west from the towncentre.

The Citadel, as I call it, is in no way an old castle, it is a hill with stand-alone walls and the Boulevard in no way an avenue but a it is a narrow road for cyclists. Both not easy for the disabled.

Nevertheless the river gives a feeling of space. Enjoy!

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Hoe kom ik er?

Langs de Rijn enigzins ten westen van het stadscentrum.


The Boulevard

From the west to the east (near the towncentre under the bridge) the graffiti changes from real graffiti to huge paintings referring to comics. 

De Boulevard

Van west naar oost (dichtbij het centrum onder de brug) verandert de de graffiti in enorme schilderijen die verwijzen naar strips